Bungoma pastor surviving the pandemic through side hustle

Pastor Charles Lutta in his garage
Pastor Charles Lutta in his garage

COVID-19 has affected our day to day life and slowed down the global economy. This pandemic has affected thousands of people, who are either sick or are dying due to the spread of this disease.

COVID-19 has rapidly affected businesses, disrupted the world trade and movements.

With the prevailing situation of the pandemic, families have been stressed and gone an extra mile to look for ways of fending for themselves.

Meeting one Charles Lutta who is a pastor at Gospel of Faith Evangelism Ministries in Bungoma and doubles up as a mechanic narrates how COVID- 19 has changed his life and harshly affected him forcing him to adjust slowly to the pandemic

Pastor Charles with a smile on his face when met in his garage you will rate him and equalize him with an ordinary person before listening to him.

With his  hardworking tactics in the  garage says with the first wave where churches were closed he had to exercise his love for mechanic works though he hesitantly says if someone needed him in church he would attend to him/her.

He says life has become hard and with the prevailing circumstances he needs to play his role as a parent thus a father and a husband.

He encourages people to work hard despite having a call from God should not discourage them or make them lazy by minting money from their flocks but rather work an extra mile to sustain themselves.

He also says as a man of God one needs to understand his clients especially those who exert a lot of pressure and wouldn’t want to listen to him for any incomplete work.

He first says before dealing with a customer he explains his situation as a pastor and would happily work with those who understand him though he also makes sure that he does his best to satisfy his customers.

“The challenges are real but manageable” with a hearty laughter pastor Charles Lutta says

He has so far asked everyone to be a brother’s keeper and work hard because life has to been the same after COVID-19. Citing that many have lost jobs, homes, marriages and some are undergoing real depression but he says all is not lost if people will turn to God.

Pastor Charles Lutta at his Gospel of Faith Evangelism Ministries church (left)

As a mechanic, people have had different perception about him until they get to work closely with him, which has not stopped him from pursuing what he loves.

At the garage he tries solving conflicts between those who work closely with him with their clients and this has changed the whole image of the place.

Unlike other few servants of God who take advantage of their flock by minting money with different demands he says God has been faithful and he works hard for his money instead of depending on his people.

He says everyone has been affected and unless one does it willingly as men of God they are not supposed to force their flock into giving strenuously.

Pastor Lutta has urged men of God to commit the nation into prayers so that people may get back to their feet and move back to normalcy.