Bungoma residents decry water shortage problems

Bungoma residents have turned to water vendor points

Bungoma residents have threatened to hold demonstrations due to lack of water, with residents unable to access water for domestic use for over a week now.

Long queues have been witnessed at water vendor points in town, and businessmen now are afraid of contracting water related diseases such as diarrhoea. “We are really suffering, there has been no water for almost two weeks now, no one is telling us what is going on,” one resident said, “How long are we going to suffer?”

Youths who depend on water to run their businesses such car washing points are now lamenting that their customers have shifted to other towns looking for services.

The water shortage problem has left residents frustrated

“Look at us, we are just idling here and yet, there are so many vehicles coming in but our customers are forced to look for carwash services somewhere else. This is the only business we depend on, we don’t know how we will survive,” said Joseph Mutala.

They have called on Bungoma County Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to intervene before the situation gets worse saying Coronavirus cases may soon blow up in Bungoma if the water problem isn’t resolved.