Bungoma residents urged to embrace new cooking device

The church donated solar ovens to various schools and churches

A newly invented cooking device has made its way to Bungoma County and is expected to be helpful to the residents of the County who predominantly depend on charcoal, firewood, cooking gas and paraffin to prepare food on daily.

The solar oven project, which uses direct sunlight to generate heat has been introduced in Bungoma West, and is capable of preparing rice, beans, cabbage, boil water or milk among other foods.

Part of the components include a carton, made in a curved shape and a tin foil, aluminum or corrugated iron is wrapped on the inside part of the curved carton to act like the sun rays receptor, and absorbed by a black pot that has food or water.

The UK Anglican Church officials are sensitizing Bungoma residents on its use, and speaking in Lwandanyi, the coordinator from St. Andrews church Mr. Trevor Kendrick said smoke from firewood and kerosene causes lots of long term problems like cancer, lung complications among others.

“Our innocent people are suffering a lot and as a church, we can’t just keep watching. I’m appealing to you people let us spread the message to help our society get rid of diseases emanating from prolonged exposure to smoke,” he said.

The church also donated solar ovens to various schools and churches in Bungoma West as they demonstrated its functions.

He said they also have plans to protect water springs in the region to allow the people have access to clean water for domestic use.