Bungoma residents urged to embrace Nzoia Sugar produce

The Nzoia Sugar Company
The Nzoia Sugar Company

There are huge benefits for Kenya when they buy locally manufactured goods, according to the Nzoia Sugar Company Managing Director, CPA Michael Wanjala Makokha. Speaking in his office, CPA Wanjala said that lately, there is an increase of demand from local traders for the Nzoia sugar brand countrywide. “Let us be quick in buying locally manufactured goods, knowing that in doing so, it helps built our economy.”

Nzoia Sugar Company is steadily staggering to stability. Today, the plant has a daily capacity of 300T, though they have not fully utilized their full potential. It means that the company’s production stands at about 110,000T per year.

Speaking to West Media in his office, CPA Michael Wanjala Makokha, appealed to Bungoma residents to embrace Nzoia Sugar Company products, saying it will be beneficial for the economy. The Company has employed directly permanent end pensionable employees, 864 in number. In addition, Nzoia has 40 contact workers, beside general casuals and task rated casuals stand at 15,000. Cane cutters affiliated with the Company are 2,000. All these are backed by 64,000 farmers.

Wanjala said that their cane capacity is not enough to sustain sufficient running of the plant daily for a whole month. Currently, the plant runs for three days a week. “This makes it very expensive due the fact that startup costs are usually very high. We are forced to make it that way because we don’t have enough cane,” he said.

By Caleb Kitui