Burial ceremony turns chaotic in Sirisia

Injured man after the funeral turned chaotic
Injured man after the funeral turned chaotic

The burial ceremony of Mzee John Kawa in Tembwa village, Butonge in Sirisia Constituency turned chaotic after supporters of Sirisia MP John Waluke and Malakisi/South Kulisiru MCA Everline Mutiembu collided with ODM aspirant Moses Nandalwe’s supporters.

The drama started after Waluke supporters allegedly roughed Nandalwe’s personal assistant who was addressing mourners forcing him to cut short his speech.

Three people including Bodaboda operators were seriously injured in the scuffle and they were rushed to Sirisia Sub County hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Speaking after the squabble, Sirisia Constituency Bodaboda Chairman Mr. Amos Nyongesa condemned the incident urging leaders to do peaceful campaigns especially during this electioneering period.

“I’m really annoyed with what has happened, I can’t imagine leaders of such caliber can use youths to cause mayhem and destruction in a funeral, it is very shameful,” he said.

Our effort to get Waluke’s sentiments concerning the allegations did not bear fruits as he never picked calls.