Busia County MCAs angered by Mutua’s remarks

Busia County MCAs speaking in Busia town
Busia County MCAs speaking in Busia town

Remarks made by Busia County woman representative Hon. Florence Mutua last week concerning the ward development fund has put her at loggerheads with Busia Members of County Assembly. The MCAs led by Nangina ward rep John Obwogo, Maskini Okodoi of Chakol south ward, John Oganga of Marachi West, James Ong’ole of Ang’orom, Gerdy Jakaa of Bukhayo North /Walatsi, Fred Musirimba of Bunyala North and Moses Ochieng of Burumba have termed the remarks as unfortunate and aimed at inciting the public against them.

Speaking at a press briefing in Busia town, the MCAs have wondered why Hon. Mutua told the public to ask them (MCAs) what they have done with Kshs 25 million given to each MCA by the Busia County government, yet she knew very well the fund does not exist, “We were so annoyed to hear Hon. Mutua telling people at Ang’urai in Teso north last Friday that we are given twenty five million shillings each year by the Governor to undertake development in our wards. We respect Mutua and we know she is aware that we only play an oversight role. We only propose projects which are then implemented by other agencies.”

Other MCAs who were present include Beatrice Kanoti (Bwiri ward), George Busera of Busibwabo ward, Felix Omanyi of Bunyala central who is also the minority leader in Busia County assembly, Joab Oteba of Ang’urai East ward, Julius Ochou of Marachi East and Taabu Were of Bunyala West, “You cannot go to a public gathering and say MCAs receive twenty five million shillings every year and tell women to ask their share.”

The MCAs have challenged Mutua to come out and substantiate her claims, even as they also challenged her to tell Busia county residents projects she has undertaken with the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF),

“We want her to come out and tell us which ward development fund is she talking about and which MCA has ever been given that money because we don’t want her to continue spreading rumours and misleading the public. We also want her to tell us what she has done with the affirmative action money she has been receiving each year. We want to know how much our wards got and what the money was used to do,” Obwogo, Musirimba and Omanyi demanded.

While addressing women during celebrations to mark International Women’s day at Ang’urai in Teso north sub county, Hon. Mutua called on Busia county MCAs to come out and tell the public how they have used twenty five million shillings they have been receiving from the county government, “Don’t come here and start accusing the Governor for not doing anything in Busia County, tell us what you have done with twenty five million shillings you receive each year.”

The MCAs have also taken issue with Hon. Mutua for allegedly disrespecting leaders from Busia County and tending to speak on behalf of the Busia County Governor, “She has grown a tendency of showing disrespect to leaders from Busia County. She started by abusing our deputy Governor Moses Mulomi and now she has turned on us. We want to warn her that we are not going to allow that to continue happening. She should not purport to be speaking on behalf of Busia county governor or defend him especially in a function where the governor is present like the one in Ang’urai.”