Busia Governor reshuffles his Cabinet, adds more Chief Officers

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong

Busia County Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has made changes to his Cabinet moving three County Executive Committee members to other departments and increasing the number of chief officers to boost service delivery in the county.

In an Executive Order No.1 of 2020, the Governor Ojaamong divided the County into two; Upper region which comprise of Nambale, Teso South and Teso North Sub Counties while Lower Region will encompass Matayos, Butula, Funyula and Bunyala Sub Counties.

The Governor moved three County Executive Committee Members and six chief officers. 

Dr. Janet Manyasi who initially was in charge of Public Service Management was moved to Sports, Culture and Social Services in similar capacity.

Her place was taken over by John Mwami who was until his deployment the County Executive Committee member for Education and Vocational Training. Mr. Mwami will also be acting CEC for Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Professor Grephas Opata who was CEC for Lands, Housing and Urban Development is now in charge of Education portfolio. Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi is still acting Health Executive with Phaustine Barasa who is acting Finance CEC as substantive. 

Bernard Yaite is Lands substantive CEC with Leonard Wanda Obimbira as substantive Finance Executive. County Secretary remains Mr Nicodemus Mulaku with Evelyn Omasaja as Deputy County Secretary.

Chief officers moved include Lydia Nabwire from Education to Governorship, Maurice Odundo (Lands to Sports, Culture and Social Services), Joy Wanga (Youth and Sports  to Finance and Economic Planning), Moses Weunda (Water to Livestock, Fisheries and Agribusiness), Andrew Otiti (Office of the Deputy Governor to Urban Development), Prisca Omoit (Infrastructure lower region), Maurice Odundo (Lands to Sports, Culture and Social Services).

The chief officers who retained their portfolios are Clementina Omoto (Public Service Management), Ruth Mukhongo (Agriculture upper region), Richard Achiambo (Agriculture lower region), Daniel Mogoria (Education and Vocational Training), Dr. Isaac Omeri (Health), Gilbert Oduory (Transport and Energy) and Stephen Nasiagi (Infrastructure Upper region), Ezekiel Okwach (Governorship) and Nelson Kwamini (Trade, Markets and Industrialization).

The seven new chief officers and their dockets: Edwin Odero (Investments and Co-operatives), Evelyn Mbingi (Lands), Jonathan Okwakau Ino (Public Health), Dr. Tom Ekisa (Water and Irrigation lower region), Roseline Barasa (Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Smart), Hellen Mukanda (Water and Environment upper region).

Governor Ojaamong expressed confidence that the changes in his government will enable him achieve his objectives as Governor before the end of his second term in 2022.