Busia govt. gives a boost to fish farming

busia fish
Freshly harvested fish from a pond

Fish farming has been given a boost in Busia County as the County government has decided to revive the fish ponds in the region.

Speaking to residents in a two day seminar in Busia that brought together the stakeholders in fish farming from Kenya and Uganda, member of the committee of major powers in Busia County in charge of agriculture and fish farming Moses Osia said that they will strengthen market for fish especially in Busia town.

busia fish
A fish pond

“Right now we are reviving all the 1500 fish ponds by stocking them with fish, we would like every ward to have at least 10 fish ponds therefore we are now establishing and supporting farmers with  fish feeds in every sub county,” said Osia.
Osia also noted that the county government is going to provide education concerning fish farming to youth groups from that region.

“We want to ensure that the market is clean with a spacious place where traders pack fish for export and for selling, so when we will want you to move this market to another place we need your cooperation, “added Osia.

“As the county government we are also going to provide education to youth groups on how to rear and manage fish ponds, therefore as that program will begin I urge all youths to attend so as you get this knowledge that is essential,” asserted Osia.

Floshty Matiro an expert in fish farming who was present at the function urged the fishermen to consider fishing rules so as to protect fish from wastage.

“As you know that fish resources are limited and therefore it is important to ensure that every fish that is caught from the lake or harvested from the fish pond by the farmers get its way to the market nothing should be wasted because a wasted fish is a lost income for the producers, fish farmers or the traders,” posed Matiro.