Busia residents give mixed reactions following the passage of the BBI report by the County Assembly

The Busia County assembly

Residents of Busia County have given their mixed reactions after the County Assembly passed the BBI report early (yesterday) Tuesday morning.

Speaking to West Fm in his Amagoro Office early today (Wednesday) morning, The Katakwa ACK Bishop John Okude expressed his reservations at the speed at which the Busia assembly passed the document and called on the leaders to ensure the public is fully sensitized on the contents of the document before it’s subjected to a possible referendum later in the year.

‘’ We as a church have no problem with the county assembly giving a node to the report. However, we are asking the MCAs to ensure that they fully sensitize Wananchi on the contents of the report for them to make informed decisions when it’s (the document) finally subjected to a referendum’’ he said.

His comments were echoed by bodaboda groups across Teso and Busia as a whole who claimed not to have been subjected to any public participation as required by law by the members of the county assembly for them to give their opinion.

“It’s interesting that our MCAs have decided to pass this report without our input. As much as we support the document because more resources are expected to trickle down to the ground, they erred by refusing to sensitize the public and especially, the bodaboda fraternity ’’ Said Tiberius Magero, who is the Teso North bodaboda chairman.

The groups, however, vowed to support President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga in ensuring they supported the document to the letter claiming that those opposed to it are insincere in their quest.

The Busia County Assembly overwhelmingly voted to pass the BBI report yesterday making the county the fourth in the entire country to do so.