Business entities in Nandi urged to support needy students.


Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has urged all the business entities working in Nandi to consider stretching their hands for community social responsibilities to enable vulnerable students access education.

Sang cited that despite efforts by some entities like Wings to Fly and Elimu scholarships doing their best in support of such students, still there are a number of many students that miss out on such scholarships due to fewer slots thus calling upon the county leadership, politicians and the multi- national tea companies to chip in and offer a helping hand through corporate social responsibility.

“I want to ask all the business entities working in Nandi to copy the same from the Equity Bank by stretching a helping hand to the needy to pursue their educational dreams.” Sang said.

The Governor cited that his administration together with all other levels of the government from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the Affirmative Action kitty and the county bursaries among other kitties will partner together to ensure there are other programs targeted towards the needy students respectively.

He affirmed that his administration through the education docket will increase the amount of county bursary allocations to cater for more vulnerable students across Nandi saying more than five hundred needy students from Nandi missed out on Equity Bank scholarships thus there is need for them to be supported.

Equity Bank Chief Executive Officer Dr James Mwangi revealed that only one hundred needy students from the region benefited from the Equity Wings to Fly and Elimu scholarships locking out more than five hundred who applied because that was the only slots for the region tasking the county government and the political class to follow emulate what Equity Bank has done.

Mwangi asked the beneficiaries to work hard in their education having got Wings to Fly so as to assist the community in the future through giving back to the society.

They were speaking during the official launch of the Equity Wings to Fly and Elimu scholarships at Kapsabet Boys High School in Nandi.