Call for peace ahead of 2022 polls

Nandi clergy caucus
Nandi clergy caucus

The Nandi clergy men caucus have called for peace and unity of the nation ahead of the 2022 general elections affirming that peace is the key pillar of development and prosperity of every nation therefore Kenyans should uphold that.

Addressing journalists in Kapsabet town led by the caucus chair Rev Christopher Seurey, said politicians should be role models in their political arena by preaching peace and unity, especially at this time when the country is preparing to hold the forth coming general elections.

“We want all politicians in the region and the nation at large to shun away from divisive and dirty politics,” Seurey said.

The group also urged Nandi residents to uphold political tolerance irrespective of their different political parties especially those living within the borders of Nandi, Kisumu, Vihiga and Kakamega counties.

“The country is not ready to plunge into political skirmishes witnessed in 2007/08 again, thus everybody should be responsible by doing the right thing.”He added.

They unanimously agreed to play their part as the clergy in ensuring peaceful co-existence among Nandi residents through their churches.

They also appealed to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to take stern measures against political leaders fueling political hatred and heat through hate speech and reckless utterances so as to act as an example to others.