Cattle rustling rising along West-Pokot and Trans-Nzoia border.


Following rampant theft of livestock along the borders of Transnzoia county and West Pokot, residents have been urged to report cases of cattle theft to the security agencies for immediate action to be taken against the culprits.

While addressing locals at the Kolongolo Kwanza sub-county of Transnzoia when he joined the area MCA Emmanuel Waswa, the area chief Alex Wakabete said in recent days, cattle theft has been on the rise, and is being aided by locals working with their neighbors.

Wakabete says livestock stolen from Chekata and later found tied were being followed by security agencies of the area. He however appealed to locals to immediately report such cases to security agencies for immediate action.

And as the cases of stock theft keep on increasing within the area bordering two counties of Transnzoia and West Pokot, more than five cattle stolen at Thika areas of Chepchoina ward of Endebess Sub County were apprehended by police. The animals were in a lorry on transit to Nairobi and it took a swift move from security agencies to apprehend the suspects who are believed to have been buying stolen animals.

Wakabete has now planned for a meeting that will involve leaders from two counties of West Pokot and Transnzoia to find a way of curbing the rise of livestock theft. Area MCA Emmanuel Waswa called on locals to stop claiming the Government will not condone such acts.

Waswa supported the chief’s call for a meeting that will involve leaders from West Pokot County and Transnzoia with the major aim of offering guidance to the communities staying along the borders to desist from stealing from each other. He said cases of stock theft must not be condoned during this time when each community needs to be educated on the dangers of stock theft and instead parents advised to take back their children to school instead of engaging in acts that might land them in jail.

He promised to formally invite Kapenguria Mp Samuel Moroto for a meeting who’s its major aim is to discuss rising tension among communities along the border affected by cattle rustling with a view of solving the situation that if not acted upon might lead to inter ethnic clashes.