Tongaren centenarian calls for responsible living as she clocks hundred years

Marita Namarome with Soysambu MCA Stephen Wafula
Marita Namarome with Soysambu MCA Stephen Wafula

Joy rendered the home of Marita Namarome from Misanga village, Soysambu/Mitua ward in Tongaren constituency as her family members gathered to celebrate her clicking one hundred years as she celebrated her birthday on Sunday.

The jovial Namarome said eating traditional food such as cassava, Irish potato and vegetables has been able to sustain her health saying she is still strong and hopes to live many more years to be able to see her descendants.

She called upon residents to embrace the traditional foods also saying nowadays foods have many chemicals that affect their health, adding that as a result, many have lifestyle diseases that would otherwise have been avoided.

She advised leaders to focus on service delivery and avoid being always in conflict saying during the pre-colonial period freedom fighters focused on ensuring the country was delivered from the colonialists.

Her children applauded her role in making sure they grew up to be responsible in the society saying she is a disciplinarian as well as a strict parent who made sure they grew up as God-fearing and hardworking in the society.

One of her grandchildren Stephen Wafula Wamalwa who is the MCA of Soysambu ward said he is very happy to see his grandmother live up to one hundred years saying it is very rare nowadays for that to happen.

He also took the opportunity to suggest that IEBC should conduct a poll to ascertain the Luhya kingpin who will provide the political direction to the people of Western Kenya.

He brushed off the use of Luhya elders saying they have previously failed to offer guidance and direction to the people of western Kenya an issue that has affect the political situation in the country.