Center managers instructed to strictly adhere to regulations as KCSE kicks off well in Lugari


A total of 2,894 candidates are sitting their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations which officially kicked off Friday morning 38 centers in Lugari sub-county with center managers instructed to be more vigilant.

In a brief address to the center managers before picking the papers from the well-guarded container at Lumakanda headquarter, the area deputy county commissioner William Lenaremo urged them to strictly adhere to examination regulations throughout the examination period and ensure no single incident of irregularities is reported in the area.

“What I want to stress is that let us do our part as center managers, please don’t relax, we don’t want any anomalies to occur here in Lugari, make sure you play your role well as center managers,” said Lenaremo.

His sentiments were echoed by the sub-county Education director Mrs. Margaret Igwatai who urged them to be very vigilant and strict about the examinations.

“As center managers you should be on top of everything don’t trust the supervisors, don’t trust the invigilators and also don’t trust candidates because when anything happens whether inside the room or outside, the center manager is held responsible,” said Igwatai.

The sub-county education boss also urged the managers to take note of each and every candidate who was registered for the examinations.

“For those centers that have absentee candidates  please take note of  them, those who have expectant candidates and those who will deliver in the course of examination or any other issue that may affect our candidates  please make sure you take note and bring us the name, index number and the nature of the issue,” said  the education director

She also stressed the need to strictly adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

After the brief that began at 5:45 am, the  container storing examination papers  was opened by the Deputy County Commissioner in the presence of the area Sub-county Education director Margaret Igwatai,  her TSC counterpart Debora Ong’iti and security team at exactly 6:00 am and by 6:35  all center managers, who are respective secondary school principals, had picked day one exam papers.

Later Lenaremo confirmed that examination reached all centers and started on time as scheduled by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

“We didn’t have any hitches in transporting examination papers to various centers.  Unlike previous years where the examinations were done during the rainy season and gave us challenges in transportation, today the weather is good and everything went on well as far as transportation is concerned,” said Lenaremo.

He concluded that the sub-county has a total of 38 centers with 37 among them being public and one private.