Changara residents petition to relocate to Bungoma

Amos Wako the Busia county senator

A petition by Changara Residents in Teso North Sub- County seeking the Senate to relocate their location to Bungoma County has shocked leaders of Busia County.

Busia Senator Amos Wako made the startling revelation while addressing the special session of the County Assembly for the first time since April, 2014.

“The residents petitioned the Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro demanding to be relocated to Bungoma County from Busia County. He referred the matter to the Standing Committee of the Senate with the report to be sent back to him at an appropriate time.” Said Wako.

Amos Wako the Busia county senator

With the unfolding scenario, the committee will hold public hearings in designated places within the location to collate views from residents,” he said, adding that he had written to Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and County Assembly Speaker Bernard Wamalwa on the matter.

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In a quick rejoinder, Ojaamong said he had not received Wako’s letter.

However, the Governor said it was a cooked up story by a few residents who are politically driven to create confusion among peaceful residents of Changara.

“If anything the 8,000 plus residents of the location would have petitioned the IEBC and not the Senate. They are very happy to be in Busia County where they have lived in harmony,” he said.

Kajoro clan chairman Cleophas Okisai denied any knowledge of a petition being filed by a resident of the location saying it will be rejected by the residents when it comes for public hearing.

“What I know is that the residents of Changara petitioned the County Assembly of Busia complaining that the MP from  a neighboring constituency in Bungoma was undertaking most of his activities in Busia County.

We had also petitioned the Office of the President over our boundary with Bungoma and not the other way round. Our signatures could have been forged to have the list sent to the Senate,” he said.