Chaos during MCAs swearing in West pokot

Members of the public
Members of the public

Fracas was witnessed Wednesday morning in West Pokot County Assembly ahead of the swearing in of Members of County Assembly as members of the public ejected out people of the Somali community.

They denied entry of Ahmed Desi Isaak Ali, a Somali man who was nominated in the County Assembly as a minority saying that he is not a local.

They also removed vehicles belonging to the people of the Somali community who had sneaked in the County Assembly building.

Rowdy youths who had camped in the County Assembly building removed all non local Somali people.

Members of the public who were crowded outside the County assembly chanted the names of Atute one of the Somali youth they said is a local and deserves to be nominated.

Speaking to the press, a youth Timothy Yaoya from the minority Sengwer community said that they will not allow a non local to be sworn in.

“We know all the local Somali people who stay in West Pokot and they cannot bring someone from Isiolo to eat our money,’ he said.

He said that they overwhelmingly voted for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and there is no way non local can be brought to West Pokot.

“We have our own Somalis and they have been left out. This is a plot to undermine the Pokot community,” he said.

He said that the person who brought the man to West Pokot County owes the community an apology.

“He should be taken back to Isiolo, we have tried to ask him about the nearest place here but he doesn’t know.

Former nominated Member of County Assembly Elijah Kasheusheu lamented that the nominee from Somali community had gone to court before the Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) released the names.

This comes after people with disability in the County protested over being sidelined in the nomination of MCAs.

No person with disability was nominated in the county assembly.

A total of 12 MCAs were nominated by UDA, KANU and Kenya Union Party (KUP)