Cheating couple caught in the act

The man's wife (pictured) said she had suspected her husband was cheating on her
The man's wife (pictured) said she had suspected her husband was cheating on her

Cases of infidelity are rife in the country, and cases of cheating couples caught in the act have been reported in different places, with the latest being in Kitengela, Kajiado County. The residents of Kitengela town woke up on Saturday morning to a shocking incident after a cheating couple were caught “stuck” together during intercourse.

The man’s wife, Prisca, had suspected he was cheating on her and sought help from a traditional doctor, and on the fateful day as crowds gathered to have a glimpse of the two, she also squeezed her way through, and she couldn’t contain her emotions after she saw her husband. “We’ve been married for six years. on Fridays, he is nowhere to be seen and spends the whole weekend away then comes back on Mondays,” she said crying, “I’ve tried to track him down and even reported the matter to the authorities but no action has been taken.”

Surprisingly, she said the lady caught in the act with her husband was her maid of honour during her wedding, “I’m not going to forgive anyone. I have to relax first…I can’t imagine she was doing this to me,” she said.

Police officers had to step in as more curious residents flocked to the scene, and the two were later separated after the traditional doctor intervened. “I found the doctor’s number online so I sought her help. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but now I thank her for the help she gave me,” she said. The self-proclaimed ‘doctor’ who relies on traditional medicine for her work said the cases of infidelity have recently risen and advised partners to remain faithful to avoid such shame.