Chemelil Sugar Co. farmers ask to be paid 250M debt


Sugar cane farmers supplying the Chemelil Sugar Company with cane, who hail from Chemase region in Nandi county have appealed for government’s intervention to help them get paid their suppliers debts of Ksh. 250 Million.

The farmers said the company has not paid for the supply of sugarcane for the months of August to October 2015.

Speaking to, they revealed that they supplied their sugarcane for those months but 6 months down the line the company has not paid them.

Chemase sugarcane plantation

The farmers said the company owe them a total of Ksh. 250 M for the three months of August, September and October 2015 and that they have been patient enough despite the challenges.

They said the government has chipped in to rectify the machine which had broken down and now they want the same government to intercede and pay them their dues.

The farmers said the arrears has paralyzed their normal life since they rely on sugarcane farming to fulfill their duties adding that they have been unable to carry out their duties duly because of their money is lying somewhere else.

They lamented that their children have been unable to attend schools well since they are kept out of school most of the time because their parents are unable to pay the expected money that the school requires.

Chemase sugarcane plantation

“Sugarcane farming has been helping us to run our day to day life, through this farming we educate our children, feed our family and earn a living,”  on e of the farmers said.

“The fact that our money has not been released for this long means that we have been suffering all this time,” another added.

According to them the information from the company is that the government only gave out money for maintenance of the broken down machines and therefore they do not know when they shall be paid if they have to wait for the company.

They now seek the government to intervene and help them get their dues.