Chepareria Vocational Training Institute enrolls a high number of students in 2022


The huge funds, the Kenyan government through Ministry of Education has invested in Vocational Training Institutes to enhance quality education and equipping the youth with technical skills where a good number of students enrolled to Chepareria Vocational Training Institute compared to the previous years.

In an interview with Chepareria Vocational Training Institute manager Julias Lopuonyang stated that the rate of student joining the institute has gone up where he cited that the number has risen from 200 to 300 students due to the competent skills where by the institute is well equipped and has enough classes.

Mr. Lopuonyang added that they have more than fifteen staff members employed by the Government, with others still on practice.

The institute is yet to introduce more courses in order to help students yearning to further their studies after form four.

He appealed to parents to take their children to Vocational Training Institutes in order to gain skills that will help them get self employed.

By Domnic Mwou