Chesumei Mp urges candidates to write their exams without fear amid Covid-19


Chesumei Member of Parliament Hon Wilson Kogo has asked candidates in his constituency and from the entire Nandi region to consider sitting for their KCPE examinations without fear so as to deliver credible results.

Speaking in his constituency, Kogo noticed that the examination kick-off was on and candidates were leaving in fear of the Covid-19 pandemic urging them to be bold enough and have the courage to write their examinations smoothly.

He urged parents to consider giving guidance and directions to their children, especially during this period when they are at home for the first term holiday citing they should be in the forefront to provide good parenting.

“Am asking parents to motivate their children and guide them in the right directions for a better future.” He insisted.

The legislator noticed that there were high cases of teenage pregnancies in the region as some candidates are already expectant asking them not to look into the situation they are in for now but work harder in their exams to make their future true.

Last year during the Covid-19 period, learning institutions countrywide were closed due to the pandemic which led to high cases of teenage pregnancies. Nandi alone having more than 9000 cases, which has raised eyebrows from various institutions and the government at large.