Chesumei MP urges President to provide leadership and direction

President Kenyatta in Kisumu.(PHOTO/PSCU)
President Kenyatta in Kisumu.(PHOTO/PSCU)

Chesumei Member of Parliament Wilson Kogo has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to provide leadership and direction to eliminate any confusion among Kenyans, who may have lost track of what is happening in the country currently.

Kogo said the Big Four Agenda may not be realized because Kenya is immersed in day-long naysay and gossips, “I’m saying it’s gossip because there are propaganda and lies everywhere,” he said, “From May and June last year, we’ve been told so many things about corruption and other things but we don’t see any action taken against anybody.”

He wondered why corrupt figures haven’t been brought to book yet. “We are asking for the truth and to know what is exactly happening,” he reiterated. He further urged ODM leader Raila Odinga to visit the DCI headquarters to give any information on corruption if he has any.