Chesumei residents decry the poor state of a key road

The Chepkober-Kapsisiywo-Kaiboi road in Chesumei constituency

The residents of Kapsisiywo area in Kaptel/Kamoiywo ward, Chesumei constituency in Nandi, have decried the poor state of a road in the region which has paralysed transportation services especially with the ongoing heavy rainfall. Speaking to West FM, the residents decried the poor state of Chepkober- Kapsisiywo- Kaiboi road which connects two constituencies, Chesumei and Mosop.

The road is impassable, from Chepkober, Kapsisiywo to Kaiboi, about 15Km from Chepkober and they’ve urged Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo to take action. They’ve accused the County and national government leaders of failing to discharge their mandate and urged them to deliver quality services to the electorate. “We need quality provision of services, not mere empty promises and as members of the general public, we will vote in leaders through their score card come 2022 general elections,” said one of the residents.