Chesumei Sub-County imposes Covid-19 restrictions


Chesumei Sub-County in Nandi has imposed tough Covid-19 restrictions following the up surge of the disease in the region which posses a great threat to people’s lives.

In information sent to newsrooms by Chesumei Sub-county Assistant Commissioner Diana Wekesa, the restrictions are in view of the current rising trends in the positivity rate and deaths due to Covid-19 within the sub-county thus should be strictly adhered to, up to the end.

The measures that have been put in place are, all meetings and forums involving more than ten people are banned for the next fourteen days, burials be strictly attended by a maximum of fifty people maintaining social distance, wearing of masks and the service should last not more than an hour.

Also in burial functions, only the preacher/priest and a maximum of three people are allowed to speak or give their speeches.

Moreover, the sub-county in the restrictions has banned all the sporting activities for a maximum period of fourteen days and enforcement of Covid-19 protocols must be given a maximum attention by all security agencies immediately.

All places of worship should accommodate up to a third of the capacity and their forums should last not more than an hour.

Learning institutions have been directed to put adequate measures in place to ensure that there is no crowding as they plan to re-open next week.