Chief Wakabete in Trans Nzoia County improvises ways to curb early pregnancies

Girls and Chief Wakabete in a seminar
Girls and Chief Wakabete in a seminar

As a way of protecting the girl child from early pregnancies in Kolongolo area of Kwanza Sub County in Trans Nzoia, area chief  Alex Wakabete has started an initiative of putting up measures of curbing early pregnancies by engaging girl child in offering guidance on how to avoid falling prey to the vice.

The girls who were drawn from the larger Kolongolo location were KCPE candidates whose results were released last week and are waiting to join secondary school in July this year.

Other than offering guidance to the girl child, the Chief also offered whistle to the girls for use when they fall prey to some men who have tendencies of defiling young girls calling upon them to whistle when caught under and defilement act for immediate action to be taken that will lead to arrest a culprit. He warned the public that might also buy the same whistles and use for ill intentions that action will be taken against them.

The chief noted that the purpose of holding such a meeting was to enlighten them on dangers of early pregnancies as well as protect themselves from men scavengers whose their major role was to defile and run away as well as provide a mechanism of roll calls for candidates who sat for KCPE this year stating that his major intention was to see all the girls join secondary school.

He disclosed that some of the challenges the girl child was undergoing in the area include lack of some personal amenities, lack of sex education as well as blaming parents on their failure to offer parental guidance on their children which has been the cause of early pregnancies within the area.

Chief claimed some parents have failed in offering sex education as well as taking care of their children as some send their children to markets late hours making them vulnerable to male sex pests that keep on prowling in darkness.

The administrator blamed the rising cases also on boda boda operators whom he described as notorious and that most pregnancy cases were being spread by the riders that he claimed were using tricks of luring young girls into sex that leads to early pregnancies among students below 18 years

The meeting also was attended by parents who were asked to offer guidance to their children concerning early pregnancies in the area calling them not to relent.

Some of the youths who attended the seminar thanked the Chief for having organized the seminar that impacted them with knowledge on how to handle challenges when faced by men who have a tendency of defiling girls. They extended the same gratitude to the area Chief for what they called an important event promising to utilize the knowledge they received from the meeting admitting having been given the whistles that they will use for the betterment of their life.

Chief Wakabete  and girls at Kolongolo
Chief Wakabete and girls at Kolongolo

Some of the parents at the function thanked the area Chief for organizing such an event where they said the insightful ideas got from the meeting will be upheld revealing they had in the past failed in their responsibility as parents.