Chiefs, assistant chiefs urged to be leading models;avoid corruption

Likuyani DCC Peter Lotulia addressing a public baraza
Likuyani DCC Peter Lotulia addressing a public baraza

Likuyani Deputy County Commissioner Peter Lotulia Ng’eleyo has instructed chiefs and their assistants to be leading role models in the society and serve residents efficiently without partiality ensuring that everyone was optimally satisfied with their services.

The deputy County Commissioner has called on them to be responsive to the needs of residents and ensure there is proper service delivery to all.

He appealed to the administrators to shun foul characters like bribery adding that they should be on the forefront in fighting the vices. He warned that any chief or assistant chief who will be found asking for a bribe to offer service to the residents will face the full wrath of the law.

He said all services at chiefs’ and their assistants’ offices were free and urged residents to report if they are asked to pay for any service. “I’ll personally take up the matter and ensure any chief or assistant chief engaged in corrupt deals is dealt with accordingly,” warned Lotulia adding he is going on with an investigation after receiving several complaints from members of the public.

The DCC also warned against the mushrooming cases of Kangaroo courts conducted by village elders in the watch of chiefs and their assistants.

He said all criminals must be handed to relevant authorities for appropriate action to be taken against the saying no village elder is allowed to form his or her own court to listen and rule criminal offences.