Chiefs, their assistants and village elders ordered to ensure 100% secondary school transition in Nandi.


Nandi County Commissioner Mr. Harman Shambi has ordered all the chiefs, their assistants and village elders in conjunction with education officers and the security in the region to ensure the governments’ initiative of 100% secondary school transition is achieved.

Addressing education stakeholders forum which brought together education officers and heads of security apparatus from the region, Shambi cited that Nandi as a county has achieved 85% of the government’s initiative of ensuring children join secondary school thus is tasked to look for the remaining 15% and ensure they go to school.

“We are at 85% and we are remaining with 15% to achieve the government’s target thus am directing the administrators in partnership with education officers to ensure all of the children who have not joined school to do so swiftly.” He said.

Shambi noticed that some of the parents cited poverty for failure to take their children to school more so, hard economical times brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, saying parents need not to worry much as the government has directed school principals to receive form one students whether in uniform or not, with or without money.

The Commissioner has raised a red flag to parents who are fond of buying motorbikes to their children to involve in bodaboda instead of going to school and those practicing child labour that their days are numbered and will be charged accordingly.

He confirmed that fifteen percent of children in Nandi are yet to join Form ones thus are being traced to know their whereabouts and ensure they report back to school as soon as possible.