Chiefs urged to identify youths with no ID’s

Bungoma County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed gave the chiefs an ultimatum of one month to identify youths eligible for ID's and have not got it

The Bungoma County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed

Chiefs and their assistants in Bungoma County have been urged to identify youths in the county who have attained the age of 18 years and above and have not yet acquired their Identification Cards (IDs) to make sure that they are getting their respective IDs as quickly as possible.

Speaking during the meeting with all chiefs conducted in his office on Monday 14th, the Bungoma County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed said it was the responsibility of government to make sure that all Kenyans are issued with those crucial documents.

Mr. Maalim gave the chiefs an ultimatum of one month to identify and bring on board everybody who qualify to acquire the identification document but has not yet acquired.

Mohammed further directed chiefs to assist the office of registrar to deliver processed cards to their respective applicants, adding that over 14,000 IDs were still uncollected and were gathering dust at different registration centers in the County.

The Bungoma County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed

He added he was working closely with the area Registrar of Persons in order to ensure the identification cards reach their respective owners within a short time.

The event also saw the county commissioner issue 41 motorbikes to the respective chiefs in the move to make their services to the country effective.

The motorbikes issued will help the chiefs move from one place to another in their administrative purposes.

Mohamed also addressed the rampant increase of illicit brews in the county saying that at least 140,000 litres of the liquor was impounded last year and 17,000 brewers and consumers arraigned in court and warned those who are still embedded in those illegal activities that the law will act on them accordingly.

The county commissioner further revealed that the government collected Ksh. 10 million from fines from illicit brews related cases and reminded chiefs that it their responsibility to make sure that those illegal businesses are being stamped out in their regions.

This comes after several youths in the county lamented on the delay of processing of their IDs citing that they are not able to participate in the ongoing mass voter registration and also they cannot secure employment.