Church leaders ask youth to shun ill minded leaders

Reverend Father John Ogolla of kibabii parish addressing mourners.

A section of the Catholic church leaders in Bungoma County have urged the youths to shun away from ill minded politicians ahead of the next year’s general election.

Speaking during the burial of Mama Roselyn Kollikho, father John Ogolla asked leaders to direct their energies towards issues oriented to public discourse on the country’s future to resolve pertinent issues affecting the lives of Kenyan citizens.

Mama Roselyn Kollikho was the step mother to the Bungoma county executive Cabinet Secretary for Livestock and Fisheries Lorrain Kollikho.

Lorion Kollikho CEC livestock and fisheries and also a step son to Mama Roselyn Kolikho addressing mourners

“Most politicians are using all means to ascend to the power. Some of the ways include dividing the youth along tribal lines. It’s time we say no to hatred as youth.” Father Ogallo urged.

The church leader urged the youth to support leaders with good morals and with a vision to unite the society at large.

He also asked churches to resolve in preaching peace in communities ahead of the next year general election.

The religious leader impressed on the politicians campaigning for ejecting IEBC to use the appropriate mechanism as prescribed in law.

He challenged the government and opposition to sit down on one table and wire out the IEBC, rather than engaging youths and causing unnecessary chaos in the peaceful country.

Present was father Protus Osyanju who asked the county residents to protect the environment through planting more trees to safeguard the next generation.

He urged the congregation to assimilate the live of the deceased in raising the children and keeping the county healthy.

Patrick Koi CEC Trade and Industrialization addressing mourners

The CEC for trade and business Patrick Koy and Livestock and Fisheries Lorrain Kollikho also appealed to the residents to be patient as the county government is working on its manifestation.

They said so far the signs of development are being witnessed across the county as the implementing of what the governor promised them during the 2013 campaigns is being witnessed.

They said the distribution of subsidized fertilizer is a milestone to kick out hunger among the county residents.

“The greatest resource that Bungoma County has is the human resource and youth comprise the largest number of the population. The county government is trying to solve the problem by creating job opportunities through dairy farming and milk factories, setting up of the Chwele chicken slaughter house and the coffee milling machine being examples,” they said.

The CEC for Health Steven Kokonya lamented on the rise of the high blood pressure related disease in the county urging the residents to make frequent visits to health centers for check up to reduce risks of the disease.