Church leaders urge politicians to tone down on politics

Kitale Diocese ACK Bishop Emmanuel Chemengich (left) with the Kapsabet Bishop Paul Korir (right)
Kitale Diocese ACK Bishop Emmanuel Chemengich (left) with the Kapsabet Bishop Paul Korir (right)

Bishops from the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) have
expressed fears that growing political temperatures in the country
will derail the pace of the development agenda.

Bishop Emmanuel Chemengich (Kitale Diocese) and Bishop Paul Korir
(Kapsabet Diocese) said it’s time for leaders who have regrouped in
several camps ahead of the 2022 elections to tone town on their
politicking and give room for discourse on development issues.

“The political factions which are behaving as though we are in the
electioneering period are a big threat to development in this
country. This should be put to rest,” said Bishop Chemengich in

Bishop Korir further said the growing exaltation of graft in the
country is a worrying trend which must be contained or it will end up
hampering the country’s economic growth. “It is worrying that we as a country are glorifying graft by rewarding mediocrity while hard workers are despised. This culture will kill our economy and corrupt our morals as a nation,” he said.

They also called on investigative agencies in the country to keep on
with the war on corruption despite a political interference from some
leaders who want them to slow their pace.

“Why should leaders spend a lot of time trying to define what
corruption is yet there are institutions which have a legal mandate to
carry on that obligation. This interference should stop,” said Bishop

Bishop Korir appealed to all investigative agencies to perform their
mandate by eradicating graft amongst all leaders and
government institutions saying in the past the investigative agencies
have cleared some politicians tainted with graft making it hard for
the church to point out the wrongful deeds of cleared politicians

Trans Nzoia Senator Dr. Micheal Mbito also called on religious leaders
in the country to bridge the gap which is growing between President
Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy president Uhuru Kenyatta. “I call on the church to initiate ways of ensuring the President and the Deputy President are reunited. We should never allow leaders who are trying to divide the two to have their way,” said Dr. Mbito.

Mbito, however, decried the level of corruption that he said has taken
a toll in the County calling upon Governor Patrick Khaemba to address
the issue of corruption, especially amongst his officers. “The buck stops with Governor Khaemba in addressing graft that has increased within this County. Let him clear up the mess in his administration once and for all”, said Mbito.