Circumcisers meet in Lugari for cleansing ceremony

A section of traditional circumcisers during a cleansing ceremony

Traditional circumcisers from Lugari sub county came together for a knives cleansing ceremony christened ‘Luvito’ in preparation for the initiation ceremony slated for next month.

The Saturday ceremony which was attended by 12 initiators from Bukusu, Tachoni and Banyala sub-tribes under Kivinga Stars association was held in Maji Mazuri village at the home of Mr. Martin Wavomba who is the association’s chairman.

The event saw circumcision knives displayed and the circumcisers lined up behind, barefoot, as members of the family and neighbours witnessed.

Other objects in the vicinity were a gourd containing locally brewed busaa, crushed charcoal, dust, pieces of clothing, among others.

Chants were made in Lubukusu by the chairman, who was donned in a traditional crown while holding a white hen and a whistle; and another member to encourage others to take the task awaiting them eagerly.

A white hen was then slaughtered and left to wander until it lost breath with its blood being sprinkled around the knives. One elder drank from the gourd that contained the local brew.

According to the association’s treasurer Mr. David Musambai, the slaughtering of the white hen is done as a sacrifice to cleanse and bring good luck to the boys who will pass through the initiation ceremony.

Mr. Wavomba, during his speech, blamed the County government of Kakamega for neglecting cultural activities in Lugari.

“Other areas like Bungoma have got the attention of the County government when it comes to culture, but we from Kakamega County have been neglected. We know there is money allocated to promote culture, but we have never received any. We implore the County government to heed to our cry and support our cultural activities,” said Mzee Wavomba.

The cleansing ceremony comes weeks after elders drawn from the Bukusu, Tachoni, Sabaot and Batura communities said this year’s circumcision ceremony won’t take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bukusu Council of elders chairman Richard Walukano said the decision has been influenced by the Coronavirus. The elders warned those who may plan to go against the directive.