Circumcision season in Bungoma postponed by councils of elders

Sinino wo Mukolongolo

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the earlier locust menace witnessed in the country, councils of elders from the Bukusu, Tachoni, Batura and Sabaot communities have unanimously agreed to postpone the circumcision rite of passage this year. The exercise which is normally carried out in August to December is normally celebrated in style by the communities who practice it but due to the pandemic the elders have thought it wise to postpone it.

Led by Bukusu council of elders chairman Richard Walukano the elders said since time immemorial it has always been wise to postpone such an important exercise if their was war, pandemic or famine saying the Coronavirus has hit the world hard hence the need to do so. Bukusu elders patron Dominic Wetangula insisted that it is a taboo in the community if a circumcised boy dies while healing saying to avoid this the whole process has to be pushed forward. His sentiments were echoed by Tachoni elder Richard se Wekesa who said with the activities that are usually accompanied with the right of passage it will be hard for them to carry out the exercise.

The circumcisers chairman Sinino Wo Mukolongolo cautioned his fellow circumcisers against engaging in the exercise saying anyone found will be held culpable. He disclosed that before those who defied elders advise and went ahead to circumcise their boys fell victim to bad omens saying some died mysterious deaths while others ran mad. He said even those planning to circumcise their children in hospitals should not since it will be an exercise in futility. Bungoma County gender and culture CEC Everline Kakai said they will be presenting the agreement to the national government through the County commissioner so as to caution the residents against engaging in the rite of passage.