Citizens turn the purchase of maize flour into a Rugby match

Kenyans shopping for maize flour
Kenyans shopping for maize flour

Two days after President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the reduction of the price of maize flour, Kenyans have been scrambling to buy the product from supermarkets. The price was reduced from 205 Kenyan shillings to 100 Kenyan shillings.

However, most retails have kept to it that citizens should not purchase more than 4 packets of maize flour.

This is a big blow to those living far from urban centres as most mini shops have failed to reduce the price claiming they are still selling the old stock and that will be a loss for them.

President Kenyatta announced this in State House on Wednesday after meeting with the millers and other key government officials.

They agreed to lower the price from 205 to 100 for a two kilogram packet. He says they came to this agreement to meet the consumers’ needs as most of them could not meet the previous price.

Most Kenyans have reacted positively to this but some are still complaining that the President’s decree has not been met at their area of residence.

This has led to Kenyans buying the product in abundance for stocking in anticipation that the government may turn away from this decree after elections.

By Mercy Misiko