Cleric warns politicians against hate speech

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George Mechumo, the Bishop ACK Bungoma Diocece

As the state is headed towards 2017 polls with  politicians rooming around to drum up support, the Bungoma Diocese Anglican Church Bishop George Mechumo has warned that the church will not tolerate any person who will be a threat to the peace of the Nation.

Bishop Mechumo cautioned politicians to desist from using utterances that would  fuel violence stating that Kenyans, are not ready to witness a replica of 2007-2008 post election fracas where over 1,000 people lost their lives with thousands left homeless till now.

The cleric vowed that the Church will condemn any disorder, pointing out the importance of  peace and calm as campaigns looms ahead of the elections.

Palms Sunday,cleric
George Mechumo, the Bishop ACK Bungoma Diocece

“Politicians must be told the truth, the Church will not shy away from condemning any mayhem since we don’t need a repeat performance of what happened before, they should be at the fore front in preaching peace and love and not to divide Kenyans along political divide” he said adding that any political  muddle is unwelcomed.

Speaking at St Crispinus church in Bungoma during the ordination of over 80 priests and deacons, the vocal cleric appealed to the state to move with haste and ensure the internally displaced persons and all the victims of  previous election skirmishes are settled permanently in a bid to enhance love ,reconciliation and peace amongst  Kenyans

“Now that our leaders are free from any crime and case as opposed earlier on, I urge the government to ensure that persons affected by the chaos be given permanent settlement immediately to help them move on with their lives. This is the only remedy that will bring Kenyans together since many lost their beloved ones and property, they are still so painful  and their tears should be compensated,” said the Bishop.

He noted though it might be had for the state to settle the internally displaced persons  especially after the accused persons have been vindicated by ICC  , he   pledged  the President to at least compensate those affected as a gesture that would propagate love and reconciliation .

During the occasion that saw over 80 priests and deacons drawn from different parts of Bungoma County being ordained  ready to  spread the gospel, Bishop Mechumo challenged them to walk head high preaching the gospel to save the society, saying that they have started working in time when the society is filled with all kinds of evil deeds citing incest and corruption.

He urged the ordained priests who included women to root out all the mess eating up the society and lead by example.

“It is not easy out there, you must defend the gospel and root out evil values that have become the order of the day currently in our Nation,” he appealed to them .

The ordained priest echoed Bishop Mechumo’s words vowing to help bring sanity in the society through gospel preaching .