Closure of schools, churches has mainly contributed to increase in teenage pregnancies

Bungoma County KUPPET treasurer Rebecca Masibayi in a past event

The closing of schools and churches due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been singled out as the main contributing factor to teenage pregnancies in Bungoma County according to Bungoma County KUPPET treasurer, Rebecca Masibayi. She stated that when schools will be reopened there will be a low turnout of learners due to the things they are indulging in at home during this Covid-19 season, with some girls married off, impregnated and boys held up in criminal activities or drug abuse.

“The period these children have been at home is too long, and some are loitering carelessly, when you walk along the roads you see them everywhere. When they were in schools, teachers were trying to guide them, even when churches were still open for fellowship the clergy also played their part,” she said, “But since they are at home, some parents are always absent. When they leave the homes, these kids also leave and meet men who impregnate them.”

However, she urged parents to be close to their children so that they can guide them on what they want them to be in future.

“I am appealing to our parents to take good care of their children as they are at home, teach them life skills so that they grow up as responsible citizens, learning should not be in schools alone,” she said.

She also expressed her view on Education Cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha’s sentiments that this year’s KCPE and KCSE candidates may do their exams in April next year if schools reopen in September. “I think the CS is just trying to give us hope, if China and Israel opened schools and later closed them immediately yet they are developed countries what about Kenya where we don’t have the capability to fight this pandemic? So as he is saying that schools might open in September he is being hopeful. As you can see at the moment, the Coronavirus cases are increasing daily, when September reaches and the cases are many probably schools won’t reopen therefore we are going to waste this year according to our academic calendar,” she said.