Coffee farmers seek government’s assistance to access funds, evade middle men

Coffee farmers in Bungoma have urged the government to avail funds to cushion small scale farmers

Coffee farming is one of the most dependent agricultural and economic practices that is facing market challenges. In Western Kenya, the cash crop is planted and grown in Bungoma and some parts of Trans Nzoia Counties and has become a source of income to the residents for decades.

However with the onset of the Coronavirus, the world market has remained closed leaving farmers with unanswered questions on where to sell their coffee cherry.

Some of the Co-operative Societies in Bungoma County that managed to sell their cherry before the pandemic have so far paid their famers the average amount of Ksh. 50 per kilogram.

Farmers are now calling upon the national government thorough the Ministry of Agriculture to hasten the release of Kshs 3 billion set aside to cushion small scale farmers.

“We would like to thank the government for remembering us during these hard times, so it is our appeal to the ministry of agriculture to hasten the process and release the money,” said Nashon Mwalo one of the directors of Menu famers Co-operative society.

Moreover they urged the County and the national government to look for a stable market where they will sell their coffee without the interference of the middle men who play under hand games to deprive the poor farmers of their targeted profits.