Governors set their focus on improving coffee sector

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang. FILE PHOTO
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang. FILE PHOTO

Governors from coffee growing Counties have set their sights on improving the coffee production sector in the country. Addressing the press after a meeting between Governors and Trade Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang said it’s unfortunate that the coffee sector globally is doing well but the farmers locally are not doing well. He said the Governors, and other stakeholders held a meeting to agree and have consultations with the task force and the national government, “We wanted to agree on a roadmap towards the revitalization of the coffee sector and agree on the support we need to give farmers, the market strategy, subsidy to our farmers and agree on legal reforms that must be undertaken to support this sector,” said Governor Sang.

The Governor said the Council of Governors, the national government, and the technical committee had agreed to revive the coffee sector in the meeting, “We now go into the technical issues on what to do in terms of legal reforms, what intervention the national government will undertake and contributions from the County government so that we can get the sector back to its feet,” he said.

Trade and Industrialization CS Adan Mohamed clarified the issue that has affected the coffee industry, “The issue has bee the supply chain, and the value chain which had some challenges,” he said, “The people at the bottom of the pyramid  are the farmers, who, if they don’t get rewarded appropriately, I think the law of economics will take its course and people will say they aren’t making enough money and will convert to something else.”