Contractors doing shoddy work in Lugari put on notice

Lugari MP Nabii Nabwera (R) when he inspected classrooms constructed by NG-CDF at Sossian primary school
Lugari MP Nabii Nabwera (R) when he inspected classrooms constructed by NG-CDF at Sossian primary school

Lugari Member of National Assembly Nabii Daraja Nabwera has put on notice contractors doing shoddy work in his constituency.

Speaking at yet to be opened new Sossian primary school in Lumakanda ward where he inspected the construction of two classrooms in the school, Nabii regretted the substandard job done by the two contractors awarded the tender by the Lugari National Government Constituency Development Fund Committee.

The MNA blamed the two contractors for using low quality materials and doing poor work generally.

He said the situation was the same in almost all projects funded by the NG-CDF in the constituency accusing the area public works officer Eng. Neivio Amutai for approving poorly done work.

“I have written to the County Public Works officer requesting for removal of Eng. Amutai from Lugari, he has really messed this constituency,” said Nabwera.

Nabii ordered for repair and proper finishing of the two classrooms saying any project that does not meet the set standards will be rejected by his office.

He said contractors doing shoddy jobs risk being ‘blacklisted, denied payments and new contracts in the future.

He said fraudulent contractors could lose funding if they delivered poor quality projects as his administration is determined to provide residents with projects that give them value for money.

The lawmaker said contractors must carry out their work professionally while ensuring quality and complete them in the set time frame or face termination of their contracts.

“During my tenure as MNA for Lugari I will not tolerate shoddy construction works. I want contractors to complete the projects in time but that must not be done at the expense of quality, when you signed a contract, you agreed to complete the work within the agreed schedule. Timelines and quality must be adhered to, those who do sub-standard work will be forced to redo it at their own cost,” said Nabii.

Urging residents to keep vigil on all government funded project by demanding quality work, Nabii said the old days are long gone when contractors colluded with rogue government officials to falsify progress reports of projects so as to be paid and vanish.

“As beneficiaries of the projects we must ensure that all government projects are taken with the seriousness that it deserves. We must demand for quality work and ensure there is value for every coin spent on all projects and no wastage of public resources,” said Nabii.

He however, assured residents that the school will officially be opened next year with ECDE and grade one pupils expected to report in January.