Nandi govt unveils the county inaugural magazine ‘the source’

Nandi county commissioner Mohamned Bare during the launch of the Nandi source of champions magazine

The county government of Nandi under the leadership of able governor Stephen Sang through the communication department on 26th of March 2018 officially launched the Nandi county magazine dubbed “THE SOURCE OF CHAMPIONS”

Speaking to the county staff and the public at the county headquarters offices, Nandi governor Stephen Sang said the unveiling of the magazine will help in dissemination of information to the public concerning the work of the county as the public has a right to information and public participation.

Sang cited that the publication will focus on the county and will ensure it involves the public at every stage of all the development in this county.

The governor invited business people in Nandi to be part and parcel of the magazine through partnership, saying it is an opportunity for everyone in this county to showcase what they have and also the happenings.

He revealed that those doing business with the county government of Nandi like contractors will have their part in this magazine, i. e a space will be reserved for the best work done or best service by this contractors.

It will showcase the best work done by the contractors and the best service providers thus the magazine acts as the best informer to the public across the entire county.

The magazine will soon be converted to e-magazine to ensure issues raised by the public are dealt with it accordingly, thus urged everyone to embrace it.

On the other side, the county commissioner of Nandi Mr Mohammed Bare lauded the efforts by the county government in producing such a magazine which he cited will add value to the lives of the locals.

Bare said as agents of enforcement on issues of illicit brews, they are cracking down on them urging the public to give reports on chiefs or any other official fond of taking bribes at the brewing dens.