County governments urged to support youths talents.

Handball teams during the Kenya Rift valley branch tournament
Handball teams during the Kenya Rift valley branch tournament

County governments across the country have been urged to consider supporting the youth talents through empowerment programs in order to aid them uplift their lives.

Speaking in Nandi during the Kenya hand ball Rift valley tournament which brought together several teams from the region, the Kenya handball federation Rift valley secretary general Mr Gilbert Chumba said the county governments should assist youths in identifying and exploring their talents as sporting activities is like any other career profession.

Chumba asked the talented youths to come out and exploit their talents well be it in sporting activities, athletics or singing in order to help them transform their lives and make both ends meet especially at this economical hard time which has left many jobless.

“I want to ask the county governments to support the youths in identifying their talents and nurture them for their future life”He added.

Kirandich girls won against Murundiko in girls’ category and Saniak won against Kebulonik in boys’ category respectively.