County govt of Nandi asked to provide structures for Lands and Environment court


Eldoret Lands and Environment court judge Hon David Kibunja has asked the county government of Nandi to consider giving some structures to the Lands and Environment court that is set to be established  in Nandi to temporarily use it as it awaits to purchase an alternative land for the construction.

Speaking in Kapsabet where he had toured for a fact finding mission, Kibunja said the logistics on finding land to erect the court may take too long thus asked the county government to consider giving out some structures to be used temporarily as the Lands and Environments court rather than waiting for the construction of the facility which might take a longer period.

The judge cited that the establishment of the court in Nandi will help in the ease of the back lock cases that has stacked in Kisumu and Eldoret thus will be of a great help to those seeking for justice.

He has asked the Chief Justice to consider posting one of the eighteen Lands and Environment judges sworn in recently to Nandi to tackle the cases pending and offer services to the public.

“I hope the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya will be able to post one of the sworn in judges to Nandi to assist in land and environment case matters,” Kibunja said.

Nandi residents have been travelling far to seek for justice in cases concerning land either in Eldoret or Kisumu and establishing of the Lands and Environment court in the region will be of great importance not only to Nandi residents but also to its neighbours.