Trans-Nzoia County locks ‘lazy’ workers out of county offices

Stanley Kenei deputy Governor for Transnzoia county

Over 70 County workers from Transnzoia County were on Tuesday morning locked out of their offices after arriving to work late.

The workers were shocked to find padlock on the gate following the instruction from the Deputy Governor who had appealed to the security officers to lock the gate.


Speaking to the press, Trans- Nzoia county Deputy Governor Stanley Kenei said most workers in the county have the tendency of reporting late and leaving early thus earning their salaries for the period they have not worked for.

Kenei said that they would not tolerate laziness at work and that those found slacking would face the axe. The late workers were served with letters of reprimand.

He said the move is aimed at instilling discipline amongst County workers who he termed as lazy and their work has not been satisfactorily.


“We will not condone some lazy and none performing staffs as per the stipulated laid down rules and regulations ”, said Kenei.

Earlier on the county Governor, Patrick Khaemba’s pledged to get rid of all lazy workers in his office.

Arrival time for the workers at the county offices is 8.00 a.m. but most arrived about 15-30 minutes late.

Khaemba had said there was laxity amongst most county workers as most of them wanted to be pushed to deliver their services, claiming he will not condone such in his County.

The same call was repeated by Hospital ward MCA Eric Wafua who asked the county chief to sack all lazy and corrupt staff that is not performing their functions as is expected of them

The area MCA  during the mavuno fertilizer launch in the county last week argued that the county has not been performing well due to laziness of the workers.