County workers protest over delayed payments

The Bungoma county workers angrily stormed the county offices demanding to be addressed

Protesting bungoma county ,union,workers
Bungoma county workers protesting over delayed salaries earlier this year

County workers protest over delayed payments

Bungoma County workers on Thursday 31st morning stormed the county government offices protesting over delayed payments.

The frustrated and angry workers complained bitterly on how the county government has sidelined them for a period of 4 months, they lamented on how they have undergone a long period without payments despite offering their services to the county yet they have families to cater for.

Speaking outside the office of the county, their chairman Mr. Titus Makokha condemned the county secretary Mr. Shiundu for ignoring them and attempting to block their move to fight for their constitutional rights as workers.

protesting,bungoma county, workers
Mr.Titus Makokha, the chairman of workers

Mr. Makokha stated that the county secretary refuted to address their grievances claiming that they were not his clients.

“We are ready for agreement but there is a statement that the county secretary made to us, that we are not his clients,” he said.

He further stated that the county secretary must apologize to them and state clearly why he uttered such sentiments towards them yet he is holding a public office that should serve the members of the public without victimization.

“He must come in front and give us a reason as to why he told us such words and apologize to us before we go on,” he added.

However, the angry workers were calmed down by the county chief of staff Mr. Wafula who called them to the meeting in his office in order to come up with a sustainable solution.

Mr. Wafula told them that they have the right to be paid for their hard work and the commitment they have delivered to the county and nobody should bar them from getting paid.

Protesting bungoma county workers
Bungoma county workers protesting over delayed salaries

The meeting between the workers and the county chief of staff lasted for an hour and left the agitated workers with a smile on their face.

Speaking to the western chronicle after the meeting, the workers’chaiman Mr. Makokha expressed his satisfaction from the county chief of staff as they were promised to start receiving their salaries as from Friday 1st of April.

However according to the workers’ chairman, the county secretary was nowhere to be seen during their meeting with the county chief of staff and appealed to the county governor to confront him to apologize to them or face their wrath.

“The county secretary was not in the meeting but I still want him to apologize to us in respect to what he told us today,” he concluded.