Court starts hearing of Ogiek Community petition

Court in session
Court in session

A three judge bench has commenced hearing of Ogiek community petition that seeks to allow them reside in Chepkitale area in Mt. Elgon forest after the government gazetted the land under forest land hence had them evacuated.

Justice Boaz Olao, Stephen Kibunja and Nelly Matheka were tasked by the Chief Justice to oversee the case with the petitioners’ lawyer Lempaa Suiyanke saying the Ogiek community is fighting for ownership of its ancestral land.

He added that the case hearing will be on for four days saying witnesses have been lined up to testify.

The Kenya Forest Service represented by senior Counsel Nickson Sifuna is also seeking to have the environment conserved by ensuring the water tower of Mount Elgon is not encroached.