Covid-19: 3 suspected patients awaiting results, 14 in quarantine

Government spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna speaking to the press
Government spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna speaking to the press

Three more patients are awaiting Covid-19 test results, after falling within the case criteria according to government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna. The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases remains 3 in Kenya, although a total of 20 are admitted, “Today we still have 3 cases of confirmed Coronavirus patients but in totality those that are admitted are 20, out of the 20, the 3 are confirmed and other 3 are suspected,” said Oguna.

The other 14 are under quarantine and awaiting results. The 3 confirmed patients are receiving treatment at KNH. On the earlier number given by the government of 27 patients under isolation, he said those who fail to meet the criteria or are tested negative are released.

Oguna has urged Kenyans to maintain hygiene, noting that the war against Coronavirus is more preventive than medical. He said people shouldn’t use the excuse of lack of access to sanitizers to reduce their hygiene, but should note that soap and water are equally effective hand washing agents. He also affirmed that the government has availed enough test kits.