Covid-19 cases reach 1,192 as President Kenyatta indicates country will reopen soon

Frontline Covid-19 health workers. Photo/ courtesy
Frontline Covid-19 health workers. Photo/ courtesy

Coronavirus cases in Kenya have reached 1,192 after 31 more people tested positive in the last 24 hours. The cumulative number of tests conducted in Kenya so far is 5,650. Speaking at State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta acknowledged that Kenya can’t be in a state of perpetual lockdown all the time and a time will come when restrictions are going to be lifted, “It will reach a time when like other countries we will have to reopen our nation. The responsibility will now come back to you and me,” he said.

He affirmed that Kenya will heal and overcome the Coronavirus if Kenyans observe the directives that have been issued by the government. He said the pandemic will continue to undermine efforts to revitalize the economy. However, he said the government is disbursing Kshs 250 million to vulnerable families every week, directly.

He noted the decision to avail money to the families directed as arrived at, after the government realized brokers and logistics cut a half of budgeted resources, thus those affected weren’t benefiting, as that local economies are catalyzed when Kshs 250 million is injected weekly through the families who can make their own economic choices instead of waiting for food relief, “And these choices catalyze and build the economy from the bottom up,” he said.