Covid-19 containment measures along Suam border in Trans Nzoia

Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang (middle) with Trans Nzoia Health CEC Claire Wanyama
Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang (middle) with Trans Nzoia Health CEC Claire Wanyama

The National Government in collaboration with County Government of Trans Nzoia has started an exercise of educating its residents on better methods of preventing Covid -19 pandemic that has taken toll in the county.

Speaking to the media in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang noted that several residents within the county have not taken initiative of controlling the scourge of virus claiming that they only take that initiative after seeing security agencies following after them and pretend to be weary of the regulations.

Commissioner Ojwang stated that they were working together with several stakeholders under the auspice of Risk Communication and Community Engagement plan within the county which encompasses several stakeholders including  locals, Church leaders, BodaBoda leaders, Businessmen, Hawkers, the Community Elders  so that all residents engage in communications of how to help bring down the rising corona virus scourge within the region.

The County Commissioner claimed that despite the Government’s imposition of  heavy fines against offenders of Covid-19 pandemic  its efforts has yielded little fruits noting that the plan to engage all locals within the county with a view of enlightening them on dangers of corona virus that  will impart them with the knowledge of preventing the disease might yield some meaningful results as the former engagement where locals were arrested and fined while others jailed for flouting Covid-19 rules has not helped much.

He however pointed out that the Kenya Government was in agreement with Uganda Government in helping control the spread of the Corona Virus between the two countries as each truck drivers as well as locals will need to have Covid-19 certificate noting that formerly the border used to be porous as there were several shortcuts that was used by several locals between the two countries who used to move freely however the shortcut was closed and that each citizen is supposed to use the normal Suam Border.

On her part Trans Nzoia county CEC for Health Claire Wanyama claimed so far the county has recorded 1,453 case, 34 having lost their lives and 13% positivity rate in the county stating that the county is working together with the national Government in enlightening locals on how to prevent the rising scourge as it has set up some reinforcement officers that are going around the county educating them on how to prevent the rising numbers.

The CEC decried the high level of local’s inability to follow health protocols of preventing rising cases of Corona Virus.

She however disclosed having received 20,000 Covid-19 Vaccines during the first phase with several locals having been vaccinated stating that  locals that have received the second dose was only 2,000 with the stock having depleted assuring locals that the county was waiting for another dose soon and once delivered, then they will get an opportunity of going for second doses while others going for first jab.