Covid-19: Kenya records highest daily cases, with infections closing in on the 9000 mark

Frontline Covid-19 health workers. Photo/ courtesy
Frontline Covid-19 health workers. Photo/ courtesy

Kenya has recorded the highest number of Coronavirus cases in a day since the first case was reported, highlighting the sudden spike in infections in the last few weeks. 477 people have tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of cases in Kenya to 8,975, with the number set to pass the 9,000 mark in a couple of hours. This is after 3,803 samples were tested in 24 hours, with cumulative tests now at 200,311.

Speaking in Mombasa during a visit to check levels of Covid-19 preparedness, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said Kenyans should not be afraid or complacent following the new number of infections and that the country will be safe if they keep the Ministry of Health directives to combat the spread of the virus. He said it’s evident from the cases, women are more careful than men to avoid the virus, with the number of men infected at 280 and women 167. He added that the number of infants being infected is still worrying, with the youngest infected patient on Thursday being a 1-year-old. He urged young mothers to ensure they are safe and their babies too, blocking any visitors from their homes if needed.

Further, 64 patients have been discharged from hospitals, with recoveries now at 2,657 and 4 more have died, bringing the total fatalities 173. The CS said the increase in the number of infections was expected, “We said we expected the figures to go up and that’s what we are prepared for.” He said the same has happened in different parts of the world, citing that some European governments were almost unable to cope with the pandemic, like Italy, “What we are trying to do is ensure we don’t get there. If we observe the measures, if we are disciplined we will not get there,” he affirmed. He said if the Covid-19 can get out of hand in places like New York in the US then it can happen in Kenya, “The idea is, why not prevent it? Why not just follow these very simple rules?” he posed.