Covid-19 patient escapes from Nandi Hills isolation centre

The patient was being treated at the Nandi Hills isolation centre

A 28-year-old Covid-19 patient from Tinderet constituency who was admitted at Nandi Hills isolation centre has escaped. Nandi East police boss David Nyabuto confirmed the incident saying the patient was a suspect in a rape case and had developed Covid-19 symptoms while in custody at the Songhor police cells before he was admitted at the isolation centre, under the watch of four police officers.

Nyabuto said that the suspect who had been handcuffed while receiving medication was under the close guard of four police officers who had been stationed outside the facility and that might be the reason why he got an opportunity to escape without being noticed.

He said that the culprit managed to escape through the window after breaking free from the handcuffs and up to now nobody knows where he is but the police have launched investigations into the matter and have commenced a thorough operation to bring to book the suspect. “Our aim now is to once again apprehend the suspect and have him charged on two counts, suspected rape and escape,” he said. The police boss has called upon the public with any information on the suspect that will assist the police to arrest him to report at any police station as soon as possible.