Cry for completion of Musikoma – Kanduyi dual carriageway

Boda boda riders
Boda boda riders

Boda boda riders in Bungoma County have complained to Governor Wycliffe Wangamati on the delayed completion of the Kanduyi- Musikoma dual carriageway.

The dual carriageway which was launched in 2018 has since been barred by court blocking with human rights activists and political interference which have led to the lagged completion of the project.

Speaking to West Media Tronic stage bodaboda chairperson, Kennedy Barasa Wasike said that the truck which is supposed to sprinkle water on the road sometimes delays or fails to do so.

Highlighting the challenges they are facing the chair said that their motorbikes get damaged; customers complain and force them to use other routes which are longer.

“When we use the road we hit many ditches, customers complain and sometimes we lose control  and  fall down with customers and when it rains tuk tuks splash water to us and during  sun days there is so much dust.” He said

The rough and wretched road is tortuous to use from afternoon especially if one does not have a face mask.

“If it was my plan I would not have destroyed the whole road but because am not a politician I do not see the reasons behind the delayed completion therefore I urge honourable Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to come to our aid.” He urged

Ibrahim Sifuna another rider expressed his disappointments since business has gone down for customers are avoiding boda boda riders.

‘‘We are barely earning since customers are avoiding us and we also fear to engage customers travelling to Kanduyi from Bungoma town,” said Sifuna

It is clear that the riders have no hope of the road completion since the general elections are fast approaching.

They indicated that it was obvious that politicians will use the road as bait to tame voters. The money might also have been embezzled to be used to bribe voters during campaign time.

The riders urged Wangamati to push the contractor to complete the road, he cautioned him that the state of the road may cost him his seat in the coming general elections.

By Rayzone