CS Prof. Magoha condemns bullying in schools

Education CS Prof. George Magoha
Education CS Prof. George Magoha

Education CS Prof. George Magoha has come out against cases of bullying in schools, after a reported case where a Form Two student at Nairobi School was beaten by prefects and had to be withdrawn from school to undergo treatment on account that he was feeling unwell. Speaking during a CBC inspection foray on Wednesday, CS Magoha said that if there are cases of prefects or anyone beating students in schools they must be stopped immediately, “I hope that principals have taken full control because nobody is empowered to touch a child in school physically,” he said.

He added that he expects a report on the incident at Nairobi school and Sawagongo by next week, “I would want to know who did it and what action has been taken…I know that there are people doing investigations but on the parallel side I would want to know very quickly from people we have entrusted with those children’s lives what the hell is going on there,” he said. The student from Nairobi School who was beaten by prefects has to undergo brain surgery after a medical examination revealed the extent of the injuries he sustained. Officials from the Ministry of Education held a closed-door meeting with the school’s management to dig into the matter.